15 years ago, I was asked to photograph a friend’s wedding in NYC.  I have been taking photographs for most of my life and love capturing special moments but a wedding was different. I was incredibly honored to be trusted with such a huge responsibility. I cried at that ceremony which I chalked up to my connection to the bride and groom. I have now photographed dozens of weddings since and I still tear up at each and every one of them.  I am blessed to capture these moments and share in such a special day.  I am honored that the images created are placed on the walls of homes and shared with family and friends.  They are passed down to children and grandchildren.  These images are cherished by families I may never see again and that is quite profound to me. 

Most recently I have been taking portraits of the folks in my town. I have grown to love this little upstate town and the folks in it, they have given me an amazing sense of community which I never knew before. 

Good Love Photo consists of Christina Dittmar and associate photographers. From the boroughs of NYC, to the Hudson Valley and any place a good road trip takes us.